… if Dragn’fly doesn’t get you dancing, then you must be either stoned or dead…
-Apollo, SFNLC


In the meantime:

They say DJs are a “dime a dozen”. If that’s true, then Dragn’fly is worth a million. Renowned for her insane programming & mixing skills, Dragn’fly seamlessly infuses together a wide array of elements ranging from tech-house and electro to head-throbbing tech-trance and full on ball-banging techno, going above just “playing a set” by creating memorable musical experiences. Having bridged the millennium with some of the most revered Bay Area underground crews, demand for this iconic DJ has spread like wildfire over the past decade and today she remains in the forefront of the electronic dance movement, having already made over 1,100 domestic appearances throughout the United States, including Hawaii, and internationally in various regions throughout Mexico, Germany and Brazil.

If you’re newly exposed & would like to get a hint of what Dragn’fly is all about form an old bio, go to http://www.djdragnfly.com/bio.htm

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