Main Stage Brought to you by Dub Star Universal
Cascada (Germany)
D.H.T. (Belgium)
Ian Van Dahl (Belgium)
Lisa Pin-Up (Tidy Girls, United Kingdom)
Amber D (Tidy Trax, United Kingdom)
Majere (Plays Kool, SF)
Eternity (Plays Kool, SF)
Hill Huerta (Yerba Buena Discos, SF)
Dragn’Fly (Shaolin Productions/, Sacramento)
John Beaver (1015 Folsom/ Skills, SF)
Dub Star (D.S.U Events, Sacramento)
Rustique (Got Scratch, Sacramento)
DJ Chipy (Classic Grooves, Chico)
Wavelength (SF)
Saphyre (SF)
Bob O (National/ Entity/ Family Funktions, Sacramento)
Stilldream Stage Brought to you by Stilldream!
Sandra Collins (Perfecto Recordings, Los Angeles)
Markus Schulz
Mystre (F-8, San Francisco)
Nick Tornetta (LoveTribe,, Seattle, WA)
G.A.M.M.A. (Stilldream, Techno Truth)
Mek (Stilldream, Techno Truth)
Nick Nyquil (Ill behavior, Oneiromancy)
Doramey Fossillotti (Ooze System / Full MeltSF)
Koroma (
Andy (Andy & Friends, Reno)
Cal-Trance Stage Brought to you by Cal-Trance Recordings
Keoki (Party Monster Tour,  New York)
Dyabolilkal Soulz (Audio Metamorphosis/ Cal-Trance Rec., SF)
Brett James (Cal-Trance rec./ Intense Studio, SF)
Sal D.J. (Cal-Trance Rec., SF)
Plate Tektoniks (Cal-Trance Rec./ Audio Metamorphosis, SF)
Intensify (Cal-Trance rec./ Intense Studio, SF)
Soulstress (Cal-Trance rec., SF)
On-It (Cal-Trance Rec./ Ear Wacks, SF)
Kilogram (Too Much Fun Crew, SF)
Cyberfyed (M.O.T.T.S., SF)
Formless (The Underground-Yuba City)
Progressive Stage Brought to you by The Zapatistas
Johnny Fiasco (Viva/ Om Records/ Doubledown, Chicago)
Steve Smooth & JJ Flores (Ménage Music/Boss Records/Moody/Fine Tune-Chicago)
CZR (Texture Recordings/Subliminal Records-Chicago)
Angel Alanis (A Squarded/A Traxx/In Stereo-LA)
DJ Bam Bam (Bass Heavy Music/_FADEDMUZIK/SLAPPA-Chicago)
Josh The Funky 1 (System/Funktion Recordings/Fused-Chicago)
Ron Reeser (Jet Set Recordings/Zapatistas)
DJ Doza (Zapatistas/Phat & Phunkie/BR)
Ross FM (Vibrance/BR/The Bounce)
Carlos Alfonzo (Vibrance/Zapatistas/BR)
Viynal Junkies (Zapatistas/BR)
Lady Killers (Soul 1 & Jose Carrillo/Zapatistas)
Base Bangers (Rob Base & Bangin’ B/Zapatistas/BR)
Ochoa Bros (Da Fource/Groove Addicts)
Drum N Bass Stage Brought to you by Dub Star Universal
Vegas (of Bad Company) (United Kingdom)
Marcus Intalex (United Kingdom)
Dieselboy (New York)
Hive (San Francisco)
Echo (San Francisco)
Gridlok (San Francisco)
Billy Lane (916 Junglist, Sacramento)
Vega (Sacramento)
Tito (Naughty Vibes, Sacramento)
Evolve (Drop Heavy, Sacramento)
Entitee (Drop Heavy/916 Junglist, Sacramento)
Kiro (Drop Heavy, United Kingdom/ Sacramento)
Rif (Naughty Vibes, Sacramento)
Toshikay (Step 1, Sacramento)
Daralick (Sacramento)
Hardcore Stage Brought to you by Hard Heads
Ron D Core (Dr.FreeClouds/Atomic HardCore/CHE-Orange County)
vs RAW (N20Records/CHE, LA)
Nemesis (Abstact/Nemesis/ Wax Works/ CHE, LA)
Simon Apex (S.S.U. Recordings, United Kingdom)
SplatterHouse (Resistance/Domestic Disturbance-LA)
vs RiFF RaFF (Zapatistas/Hard Heads-SF)
Tronic (Resistance Recordings, SF)
Cloudskipper (SF)
Audio 1 (N2o Records/ Hard Heads, SF)
vs The Doctor (Rythem Method/ Hard Heads/ DTS/ BR, SF)
Smack Down (Corparal Punishment/ Hard Heads,Reno)
Servo (H2oh Rec./ Hard Heads, SF)
Reclipse (DTS/ Hard Heads/ BR)
Entrigue (B.A.M)
ChrisTheJunglist (Hard Heads,)
vs BST-ONE (Hard Heads)
Mexico’s Most Wanted  (Hard Heads/ HCFTP/ DTS, SF)
Akwizitors (Distorted Truama/ DD/ NBR)
Urban Breaks Stage Brought to you by Urban Breaks

Baby Anne (, Zone Records, System Recordings, Florida)
DJ Icon ( / Reverb Records /
Femme DJs / Thump Funk on XM Radio, SF)
Trona (Moonshine, Alienbeat, Godsend Music, Seattle)
Dig Dug (,, Seattle)
Sir Kutz (Bass Sick Boyz, USB, Seattle)
Abiss (Liquid Entertainment, Bass Binge, Las Vegas)
Marc (o) (Otherworld, The Midnight Sons, SF
Undecided (Urban-Breaks, Mob Records, Sac)
Dave K (The Phunky People Project, Family Funktions, Sacramento)
The Bass Masons (Urban-Breaks, Breaks FM, Sacramento)
Influence (Urban-Breaks, Stratigik, SF)
Aaron Jae (Evil Breaks, XM RADIO, SF)
Cantos (Universal Zulu Nation, Urban-Breaks, Sacramento)
Jay Vigor (Stratigik, Urban-Breaks, SF)
BAM (Evil Breaks, SF)
Dj Rockit (The Phunky People Project, Sacramento)
Rob Cravens (Broken Grooves, Seattle)
Evolution CQ (Stratigik, The Midnight Sons, SF)


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